How To Remove Acne Scars With Garlic

How To Remove Acne Scars With Garlic, Garlic! Perhaps one of my favorite things to add to a stir-fry is also a fairly effective natural treatment for acne and acne scars. Garlic, when used on the surface of the skin (topically), is powerful as an anti-microbial and antiseptic treatment. When you choose to eat it, it acts as basically an immune booster, helping the body to remain healthy and giving the system a good jolt.
How To Remove Acne Scars With Garlic
Removing acne scars with garlic isn’t too hard, although you should be aware of a couple of things. Firstly, garlic is VERY strong. If you’ve ever cut up garlic and found the smell very powerful indeed, then you know just how powerful it is. It’s like this on your skin. If there’s one thing you need to know it’s that you need to proceed with absolute care when using garlic. Do not just slap it on, make sure you perform a spot test before you start to use it on a regular basis! I recommend using very small amounts of garlic and diluting it with something. You can make a paste of it, although try adding something soothing to the mixture, such as lavender oil, or just watering it down. Apply to the skin for around ten minutes and wash it off well with warm soapy water.
Of course, as delicious as garlic smells, it’s very intense, and people smelling of garlic aren’t really that pleasant to be around! So I suggest that you do it in the evenings, not in the morning when you’re about to get out and meet people!
Eating additional garlic is also good. Try and eat a few cloves of it a day. It’s great if you can mix it up with something so that it doesn’t become just a case of ‘popping’ garlic ‘pills’. Naan bread is a delicious way to have it, although it does take a bit of work. You could also learn to make some curries – paprika and chili powder are also good for the skin, even though they are pretty spicy!
Garlic is very powerful. There are very few other natural remedies that are as powerful as it. You must treat it with caution. While it can have an impact on your skin, if you use too much of it, then watch out! Other than the fact it’s powerful, just remember that you will need to take lots of breath mints! As yummy as it is, and as delicious as it smells around dinner time, you don’t want to reek of garlic. It’s not a good look!
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